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Fax2email Free Service

Fax to Email is a free service and available to anyone with an email address. When registering for a free fax2email number, you will receive an 086 fax to email number for life. Anyone in South Africa can fax a document to that 086 fax number and that document will then be digitally scanned and emailed as an PDF attachment, to the email you registered with.

In a hurry? It takes about 2 minutes to complete the fax2email registration form.

Fax2email Gmail

When you register for your free Fax to Email number using a government email address, the confirmation link which is sent to your email address after registration (which you need to click to confirm that the email address registered with belongs to you), it might happen the email software may not show the link or a clickable link. By forwarding that confirmation email to a Gmail email address, you will be able to click the confirmation link to complete your fax2email registration. You can have a private fax to email number registered for your Gmail email address too.

Fax2email Signup

Signing up for free fax2email usually takes less than 3 minutes. It is so easy that any person who can use email, can do it. You don't have to brag about being able to get faxes on your smart phone, but when you need to get an urgent fax to your phone, this free fax service can make your life a little bit easier.

Step 1 - Fill in the Fax2email registration form
Step 2 - Confirm your details (click the link in the confirmation email)
Step 3 - Get your fax2email number emailed to you
Step 4 - Get an email with an attached PDF as an example how a fax will be attached.

Fax2email Number

If you are amazed when you got a friend to send you a fax from a fax machine, think how you can help save the world's tree population, one fax at a time, by helping us spread the word about this amazing paperless faxing technology! You can help us by sharing anything on this page. You can use Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter or any other social bookmarking service.

Fax2email Reseller

When the competition is launched, you will also learn how you can become a fax2email reseller. By following us on Google Plus, you will be notified whenever we share something on our Google Plus page. We will share more information about the competitions we are going to roll out, and how you can earn money along the way.

Fax2email Registration:

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